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Justin D. Merritt

Justin D. Merritt

Justin D. Merritt is the owner and founder of RetireVEST Financial Solutions, a general insurance agency licensed in the state of Texas.  For more than 20 years, Justin has helped clients and other financial professionals build retirement income plans and has work for well-known financial firms including Nationwide Insurance and Prudential Annuities. 

Early in his career, the stock market suffered two large drops, the first being the “Tech -Bubble” in the early 2000’s and later, the “Great Recession” of 2008.  It was during these times where Justin witness the pain and life changing effects of an untimely substantial market downturn, but also, gained valuable experience and knowledge around the risk management strategies that can to help minimize the impact of these large market loses.

He earned a degree in Financial Planning from Franklin University in Columbus, OH and is a licensed insurance agent and investment adviser representative in the state of Texas.

He and his wife live in Katy, TX where they enjoy volunteering with local animal rescue organizations and supporting the live Texas music scene.

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